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Hunting Photos

Hunting Photos

Thomas H. of New York Sept 28, 2013 “Great morning!”

Todd H. of New York Sept 28, 2013 “Great morning & great hospitality. Thanks Brandon!”

Amar R. of  New York Sept 28, 2013 “Epic and Awesome! Bring your boy here to get his first buck!”

Bill B. of Jacksonville Sept 12, 2013 “Unreal hunt!”

Joe F. of Tampa May 25, 2013 “Great hunt! Thank you Brandon.”

James B. of Abaco, Bahamas Mar 15, 2013 “Brandon, thanks again for a hunt of a lifetime.  We’ll be back!”

Kent B. of Okeechobee Mar 13, 2013 ” Great hunt as always! Thanks Matt for a great time.  We will be back soon”

Perry M. of Boynton Bch Feb 13, 2013 “Great time as always – thanks Brandon and crew.”

Matthew S. of Tampa Feb 2, 2013 “Always a first rate operation.”

Jim C. of Palm Bch Gdns Dec 20, 2012 ”Great hunt. Classy guide and great deer.”

Bryant M. of Palm Bch Gdns Dec 20, 2012 ”Excellent hunt.”

Tony M. of WPB Dec 15, 2012 ”Been here a few times. It only gets better & better every trip. Can’t wait for the trips in 2013. Great hunts & GREAT guides.”

Laura M. of WPB Dec 15, 2012 ”Finally I’m a Bone Collector!!! Best hunt ever.”

Alfredo M. of Royal Palm Bch Dec 15, 2012 ”Awesome time and the most knowledgable guides. We are coming back for sure.”

Kim K. of Sparta, IL Sept 15, 2012 “Awesome hunt, great guides! Highly recommened!”

Keith S. of Sebastian, FL Sept 11, 2012 “Great hunt, great animals!”

Cynthia G. of Oskaloosa, IA Mar 28, 2012 “How do you thank someone for making your dreams come true? I’m now the 5th woman in IA to get a GRAND SLAM! Brandon’s knowledge of the wildlife & habitat to his encouragement, makes this an unforgetable experience. THANK YOU!!!”

Tony M. of WPB Dec 29, 2011 “2nd time here, absolutely love this place. Can’t wait to come back. What a blast. Brandon and Heath are the best at what they do!”

Moses B. of WPB Nov 5, 2011 ”Cannot express in words how outstanding this hunt was. The facilities, quality of game, and hunting guides were supherb.”

Edrick B. of WPB Nov 5, 2011 “Had the time of my life with family and newly made friends at Bang57. Truly the stuff to make life long memories.”

Christopher C. of Dade City Nov 5, 2011 “Excellent hunt, great staff, hunt of a lifetime!”

Majercik Family Hunt Oct 14, 2011 “We are firm believers in making memories with our children and a family that prays and plays together, stays together. BANG 57 has helped us achieve yet another memory that will last a lifetime for all of us. Tony and I are already planning a trip back to BANG in December.” “My life is complete, this is even better than when we take our summer trip to the Keys spearfishing and lobstering for a week.” “Our guide was so cool, he told me everything that the deer were going to do BEFORE they did it.” “I learned how to skin a deer this weekend, next trip I want to gut and skin my own deer.” “Instead of a getting a hunting lease, I’m thinking that we’re going to take 4 trips to BANG 57 every year…This is one of the best hunts I’ve ever been on- everyone pulled the trigger.” “I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna sell on Craig’s list to come back and kill a trophy.” “You can’t beat it! You get more BANG for your buck” (pun intended).

Bob G. of Sebastian Sep 20, 2011 “Great first time experience!”

Keith S. of Sebastian Jun 4, 2011 “Great guide & hunt!”

Dean C. of Pine Bluff, AR Mar 19, 2011 “Great time and we are all coming back next year!”

Lou R. of Weston Feb 13, 2011 “Awesome hunt!”

Blake A. of Thomasville, GA Feb 9, 2011 “Had a great time and saw lots of game.”

Tim W. of Boca Raton Feb 8, 2011 “First class hunt! Very professional!”

David C. of Lake City Jan 8, 2011 “Outstanding hunt, I was impressed by the guides knowledge of the different game. Thanks!”

Matt A. of Palm Beach Gardens Dec 20, 2010 “One of the best experiences of my life! Brandon was an incredible guide. Can’t wait to come back!”

Jacob M. of Palm Springs Dec 11, 2010 “Great place to hunt. Brandon was awesome!!”

James B. of Bahamas Oct 29, 2010 “One of the best hunts of my life. First Red Stag ever – Brandon, thanks for a great hunt!”

Kent B. of Bahamas Oct 20, 2010 “Great hunt, great guides. We will be back!”

Charles B. of Bahamas Oct 20, 2010 “First deer. No better place and guides then on Bang57 Ranch! Another great hunt again!”